Back Pain Relief

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Pain is a driving force for any patient making any medical appointment, but integrated care utilizing chiropractic care; physical therapy; orthopedic care and imaging technology is often pursued after other “traditional” medical avenues bring little to no relief. Integrated care frequently serves as a proactive treatment technique when additional health problems have arisen in the hunt for pain relief.

Back Pain Complaints

The public is becoming aware of the benefit of integrated care for the relief of back pain which results from the direct trauma of an automobile accident, repetitive use and acute injuries involving heavy work. The back pain will often manifest suddenly, making simple motions like turning your head to either the right or left suddenly difficult. The back pain is often accompanied with headaches, shoulder pain and a possible numbness and tingling traveling down the arm.

No matter the cause of your back pain, our team will treat the condition and all identifiable underlying issues to put you back on the road toward good health. The treatment protocol calls for a medical history, examination by medical staff and special attention is given to potential causes which may have been overlooked by your ongoing care provider.

Back Pain Facts

Due to the fact that the human body is designed to flex in every direction at once, it is prone to instability; injury and pain in the lower back. The lower back and pelvis are also designed to carry the majority of your body weight, thereby making it prone muscle spasm, pain and potential injury to discs. Both the act of flexion and the realities of body weight, have the potential lead to an injury to the space between each vertebrae called intervertebral disc herniation.

The ergonomic shortcomings of the human body mean that roughly ninety-five percent of adults in the United States will experience life-altering back pain at least once in their life.

Symptoms of Lower Back

Common symptoms of lower back injury include, but are not limited to:


Hip pain, or hip clicking.


Leg pain that radiates downward.


Lower back pain, or lower back stiffness.


Tailbone or Sacrum pain, often relieved with pressure.


Numbness or tingling manifesting in either legs or feet.


Weakness in the lower back, with the potential for muscle weakness