Do’s and Don’ts of Knee Pain Everybody Should Know About
March 21, 2022

Joint pain is one of the number one causes of chronic pain, and one of the most frequently affected joints is the knee. Your knee is not only the largest joint in your body, but it is almost constantly in use as you sit, stand, walk, or run.

Because knees have so many parts that can face injury, narrowing down the cause of knee pain can sometimes be challenging. If you’re struggling with an aching knee, then call our experts at Sarasota-Bradenton Spine & Joint at (941) 265-8664 for a free consultation today.

The Most Common Causes of Knee Pain

Many things could be causing you knee pain, from injury to degenerative diseases like arthritis. Your doctor may use imaging techniques like x-rays and MRIs to determine the cause of your pain.

Common causes of knee pain include:

– Baker cyst
– Meniscus tear
– Sprained muscle
– Dislocated knee joint
– Broken bone
– Torn tendons
– Arthritis

Five Things You Should Do for Knee Pain

Depending on the cause of your knee pain, it may be hanging around for a while. Luckily, you can do a few things to reduce your acute or chronic knee pain.

1. Rest Your Knee

It is best to rest your knee for 2-3 days before resuming activity. If pain persists, it’s probably time to consult a doctor.

2. Lose Weight

Losing weight is one of the best things you can do to reduce chronic knee pain from conditions like arthritis.

3. Use RICE

The RICE technique (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) is perfect for sprains and other minor ligament injuries.

4. Try a Brace

While using the RICE technique, and perhaps even after your initial days of rest, wearing a brace may help reduce pain.

5. Exercise (Carefully)

After those few days of rest, you should start strengthening your knee with exercise.

The 5 Things You Should NOT Do for Knee Pain

Just as you can do things to improve your knee pain, here is also a list of things likely to make your pain worse.

1. Don’t Forget Stretching

When exercising again, don’t forget to stretch to avoid reinjuring your knee.

2. Don’t Wear Worn-Out Shoes

Wearing shoes that are too old or that don’t have adequate arch support is not only harmful for your feet but also hard on your knees.

3. Don’t Risk a Slip or Fall

Keep your home spaces clear of obstacles that could lead to you slipping, tripping, or falling. Doing so is a quick way to find yourself back at square one with your knee injury.

4. Don’t Sleep in Awkward Positions

It may be hard to control how you end up while sleeping but try to protect your knee by sleeping with a pillow between your legs if you sleep on your side.

5. Don’t Overdo the Exercise

While you shouldn’t wait too long to start exercising, you also shouldn’t jump into it too fast. Ease back into your regular workout routine so that you don’t reinjure yourself.

See Us for Knee Pain Relief in Sarasota and Bradenton, FL

No matter what the cause of your knee pain, you can take steps to find relief. To get help finding a non-surgical solution to your knee pain, call our team at Sarasota-Bradenton Spine & Joint at (941) 265-8664 for a free consultation.


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