Non-Surgical Knee Pain Relief Alternatives
December 27, 2021

Persistent knee pain often interferes with daily life. Causes of knee pain can vary from arthritis, being overweight, sports injuries, or getting older. While many people seek surgery, it generally requires a long recovery period and medications.

However, there are non-surgical knee pain relief alternatives, which can be as simple as exercise or physical therapy. Other treatments are in the beginning stages of research. Speak with your doctor to discuss all of your knee pain relief alternatives.

Non-Surgical Knee Pain Relief Alternatives
Most people try to avoid surgery whenever possible. Surgery often leads to more complications, medicines, and a longer healing time. Luckily, many non-surgical pain relief alternatives are being researched and show promise for reducing discomfort and pain.

Participating in low-impact exercise can help improve knee pain in four to six weeks. Exercises such as swimming, walking, or yoga can help strengthen the knee muscle and reduce stiffness.

Weight Loss
If you are overweight, losing weight helps alleviate the pressure and strain put on your knees. With less pressure, your knee will have less inflammation which can help reduce the pain in your knees.

There are a variety of injections that may help relieve knee pain. Two of the most common injections for knee pain relief are:

Steroid injections: Steroid injections help lower knee pain by reducing inflammation. Reducing inflammation in the knee helps to relieve pain caused by inflamed tissue.

Hyaluronic acid injections: Hyaluronic acid is a fluid that your body produces on its own to lubricate the joints. If you are experiencing knee pain, a doctor may inject your knee with extra hyaluronic acid. This can help your body produce more of this acid, preventing knee pain while simultaneously reducing existing pain.

Orthobiologics, or sometimes referred to as regenerative medicine, is a growing field that is focused on using the body’s own tissue to heal a targeted area. It is a minimally invasive and natural treatment option. Some of these procedures are:

● Bone marrow aspirate concentrate
● Platelet-rich plasma
● Placental tissue matrix therapy

The severity of your knee pain will impact which course of treatment is best for you. If you are experiencing knee pain and are looking for non-surgical solutions, speak with your doctor to discuss all your options.

If you are in the Sarasota Florida, area and are looking for an alternative to surgery for your knee pain, it is time to call Sarasota Spine and Joint. We will help design a comprehensive plan for your knee pain relief. Call us today at 941-265-8664 to schedule your appointment.


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